Hey Photog! Struggling With The Marketing Side of Things? 

Well struggle no more! Because I've got everything you need right here...

Hey! My name is Lauren Ashley!

So here's my story (the short version)...

I'm a fashion & lifestyle photographer as well as photography business coach.

After years and years of obsessing over marketing, I had finally cracked the code and came up with a simple 7 step formula that took my not so hot photography business to a whole other level!

Now that I have achieved my dream and have a simple & replicable formula, I'm here to help you achieve your dreams by FINALLY sharing it with you!

  • You are struggling with sales in your photography business
  • You have just started out with your photography business or maybe you relocated recently and are unsure of how to put yourself out there & start getting clients
  • You're doing good but you want to discover more effective ways to market your photography business to do even better
  • You know that marketing is what is standing in the way between quitting your soul sucking 9-5 job and living the life of your dreams
  • You just quit your job & now need to really hustle to make this work!

Here's a little taste of what you can expect to learn in this online course

  • 8 Module Step by Step Digital Course

    Dives in deep and walks you through the 7 steps – nothings left out and there is NO FLUFF! its EXACTLY what you need to know and specifically about marketing a photography business!

  • Login 24/7

    All digital and downloadable – Easy access! Learn when you want!

  • Amazing Support Team

    We have a community of people going along with you to help support you, answer your questions, help you network, etc.

  • Use Social Media To Attract More Clients

    The secrets of how to attract more clients through each social media site (even if you know NO ONE in your community) – if you use it this specific way!

  • Everything You Need To Know About Blogging

    How to build strong customer relationships through your blog.. tips on connecting with your clients and really building that know, like, and trust factor!

  • The Most Effective Contests EVER!

    Discover the top most effective promotions you should be running in your photo business to boost sales!

  • Get Famous!

    Ways to get your work published/displayed in public places where your target market is hanging out. Tips on how to get famous in your community!

  • Keep Em' Coming Back

    The secrets to getting your clients to stay with you for a lifetime.. How to become their go-to photog for EVERYTHING – no questions asked.

  • and... 4 BONUS MODULES!

    Juicy bonus modules including exclusive interviews with successful photographers, how to utilize Facebook Ads to bring in more business, and more!

ENROLL FOR ONLY $97/month :
ENROLL FOR ONLY $97/month :

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