Wouldn't It Be Great If You Could Be Part of An Inspiring, Passionate Group of Dream Chasing Photographers?

Well you're in luck my friend, because now... you can! 

This is for those who yearn to turn their passion into their career but don't necessarily know how to do it all on their own. Here's more of what you can expect...

  • Post Your Work & Get Positive Feedback From Your Peers.
  • Have a question? Post it and get a variety of answers!
  • Build life long friendships.
  • Learn more about photography & be inspired daily.

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Connecting With Like Minded Individuals Helps You Stay Motivated & Allows You To Advance As a Photographer...

  • A place you can go to share your struggles & success stories.
  • Learn how others are marketing their photography & getting clients.
  • Be inspired by others work..maybe it will give you an idea for your next shoot!
  • Ask questions & they will be answered.. you're not alone!
  • Post your photos and get positive feedback & suggestions.
  • Engage & collaborate with one another if you live close!

I created The Infinite Spirit Space because I know that when I was first starting out I had NO ONE to help me.. I had no idea what I was doing and it would have been great if I was in a group where there were other people going through the same thing or even people who were more advanced than me that could help me.

This online community is designed exclusively for the dream chasing photographer. Those who know deep in their soul that photography is their fiery passion, that it is their calling in life. This group will help you grow as a photographer & hopefully you'll meet some pretty amazing people along your creative journey. Sign up today & give it a try!

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